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Perimenopausal Musings of a little Witch


Perimenopause/Menopausal musings of a little Witch...

Perimenopause/Menopausal craziness... i guess it's real for so many beautiful Woman out there, some crazier than others ;)

For instance, Perimenopause is a challenging reality that can last 3-15 years before actual Menopause and start anywhere between late 30's to 50's. Whaaaat you say? And that's only the beginning :)

Because Teenage hormones simply weren't enough, you hit somewhere in your 40's..boom goes the Mood swing!

People might ask you why you are so angry ? In which case you find yourself shouting back " I'm not angry !!!! " ...for no apparent reason, whilst you battle the inner demon of a hot head flush, taking yourself to a quiet corner counting to 10 !! 

Although today we find ourselves more knowledgeable about the ...Oh so hormonal madness, Perimenopausal hormonal shifts can put the female body and psyche on a Roller coaster!!

Not only is it enough that one can see little bulges here and there ...otherwise known as Middle Age spread developing,OH no no no !!!

Now we know  that gastro-intestinal distress, mild to severe anxiety, panic attacks,Brain Fog, unable to Concentrate, insomnia, feeling of dread, itchy skin, depression, loss of libido, loss and thinning of Hair, muscle and joint pain, cold and hot flashes, heavy periods, no periods, tension and migraine headaches, heart palpitations, mood swings, irritable bladder and a host of other sometimes-frightening physical challenges can all be common hormonal symptoms of changes to a once 30!!! something fully functioning body :)

Are you crazy, or are those feeling real, is it all in your head? 

Are we going to go totally bonkers when we do actually hit ..Menopause ?

Personally, i hope not, but who knows ???

Fact is ... You are not Crazy ....life changes, we change, some of us will experience more of these symptoms , some less,some none ( You lucky darlings ), but somewhere along the Road it happens to all of us and we are all ....beautiful Woman, simply moving into the next stage of life!!  A Crone's life !!

So..meditate, breathe and embrace it...it's hormones and this too shall  pass!!

Bright and enchanted Blessings )O(


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