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"Keep Rosemary at your garden gate.philosophy-side-image.jpg
Grow Lavender for luck "

The magic of nature

When you find nature within your heart,
the whole earth becomes your sacred space ...

The Secret Magic of Nature, is simply it's creative power.
It is "Natural Energy"that gives us the balance and essence within.

"Natural" means...
we should only find it directly in nature, or derived from nature's herbs
fruits or vegetables and is of beneficial value to our mind, body and skin.

"Important" is...
that every ingredient like oils, butters, essential oils and herbs
have been derived from a plant and have had the least amount of processing
and are without the use of chemicals, solvents, artificial fragrance, alcohol( unless natural occurrence ) and synthetic preservatives.

"Promise " is...
 that we only use cold pressed organic certified oils, raw organic unrefined certified butters,
and Never !! fragrance oils, only pure essential oils.We therefor list all of our ingredients.

Just like the wild crafted herbs and unrefined oils, our products are best when fresh. Enchanted lotions and potions are hand crafted and made in fresh to order and very small batches, because we want to make sure the strength and potency of the ingredients do not lose their power. All our products are oil, not water based, as water is the no 1 breeding ground for bacterial, fungal and yeast growth.

We do not use harmful artificial or chemical preservatives, but to give you peace of mind, we only use safe and researched organic plant/herbal preservatives, which are found in nature.
The shelf life of our handcrafted magical products is therefor naturally shorter, but when stored in a fridge, or in a cool and dark space, they last around 3 to 6 month from the date opened.

Luna Levita's enchanted creations are safety approved, EU compliant and completely paraben, silicone, chemical preservative, synthetic additive, artificial fragrance, fillers, Palm oil & alcohol free ( unless natural occurrence ), so no non-sense!!

We believe in the balance of nature and therefore even our packaging materials are Eco-friendly, fully recyclable, are cruelty-free and ingredients are sourced Fair Trade where possible.

We do not use any animal by-products ( Not even Beeswax), nor have they been tested on animals, so that our creations are Vegan friendly.

LunaLevitas creations are not intended as a medical cure or treatment , but as a skin, body and mind healing alternative.With severe medical conditions, pregnant or breast feeding ladies, we would always advise the consultation of a medical professional before the use of pure essential oils!!!

Although our lovely magical enhanced lotions & potions are for even the most sensitive skin, we would always advise to do a patch test first....naturally!!